Thursday, 12 June 2014

Shaking Things Up

One decision gave me all of this
Just when the dust is settling and we're getting into a comfortable groove, I felt an itch. I just wanted to pick up that old snow globe and give it a good shake and see where the pieces fall. Because life, like snow globes, isn't meant to be stationary. 

From the day we're born til the day we die, there's a desire to learn and grow. It's so cliched but change really is the only constant. And from the radical changes I've made in the past 16 months, I've found that they only leads to positive things. You never regret making that leap of faith. 

And what did we do? We decided to move. Life in Old St was comfortable and convenient. Being only 2 minutes from a main tube station, a supermarket right below us, housemates that we didn't hate. Why move? 

To explore, to really delve into a new area and walk around it for hours and hours until you find it's nooks and crannies. Sure the act of physically moving your belongings from one place to another is never a pleasant thing to do, but what we got from one day of annoyance has been worth it. It also helped that this move coincided with a much needed break from work and the sun making its gloriously appearance all week.

Just sitting in our backyard with a cup of tea, listening to the birds chirp all morning. Or taking a short stroll to London Fields or reading a good book all afternoon. I'm also looking forward to eating at Broadway market on the weekends and swimming on the local Lido (outdoor pool). It's like someone had pressed the reset button on those old Nintendo games and I've suddenly got all these extra lives to use up. So I'm cramming my days with sunshine and reading and cooking and owl drawing classes and yoga and bike riding and outdoor cinemas and visits to museums and theatres. 

So if you've been meaning to take that pottery class, or quit your job, or go to university or ask that cute boy out on a date. Go on! Do it! Trust in life and that things will work out. Sometimes more than you had thought.