About Me

My name is Toni.
Around the world I like to roamy.
It's no baloney.
That I'm no rapper.

As you have gauged by now. I'm Toni. I'm Vietnamese but I've spent 25 of my 27 years on this Earth in Sydney, Australia. I'm one of those give up their jobs, sell all their worldy goods and travel the world kind of people. I think they're called bums. Though I like to refer to them as citizens of the world. So I guess you've found yourself at a travel blog of sorts.

In the old testament of Toni I'm a Veterinarian. Hence there's a splash of crazy cat lady in me. You might randomly see superimposed photos of a slightly obese but beautiful cat called Amelie in my blog. She's a clinic cat at my now former Vet clinic. I still love her from afar. If I ever come back she may well be cat napped. But thats another blog for another time.

That's what it looks on paper, in reality what I'll actually be doing is trying as many different foods as possible, trying to make new friends around the world and making the life I have worth living.


  1. that's a cool picture. I love that Amelie is in the header .. and looks like French. I am sure Simon will love that ;)

  2. Love your blog. Keep it up. Amelie is very cute. I'm based in London so give me a shout if you want any tips (or have any for me) I have a blog too at maylisboardman.com you can contact me through there. X