Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dear Friends


Dear Friends,
Sorry I'm leaving you all. It won't be for long and I'll think of you at least daily. On a rotational basis. But seriously, life will be hard without you. So let me address you all so I have a place to remember each one of you:

Connie - our Laos lunches will be sorely missed. Ox tongue, paw paw salad and a sticky rice for $20, may it never change. It feels like we've known each other for so long (thats probably because we have!) and there's never an awkward silence between us. Only funny jokes about work and sharing plans for the future. I hope you work less in the future and that no one defiles your poor car further. I hope you dress the future Connie junior in bear and sushi costumes and I will be cooing at him/her from afar. I'm sure he/she will be adorable.

Phil - I'm so sorry for us to be leaving when you're just starting the hardest part of your journey but we're only a skype call away. You're always telling me something new about life and how things work, one of the most intelligent people I know. There's never a dull moment when you're around, there's a spark that's in you always. Kevin and I have so much love for you and I hope you remember that when things are tough.

Chris - I'll miss your awesome frisbee - Aerobe. And your jokes. And hanging out at your new pad. I wished we spent more time there. Life got that much better when you joined us in the city and you know that our door is always open to you, day or night because you're such a calming, joyful presence.

Tina - Always a source of artitistic inspiration, everytime I get a chance to hang out with you, I always leave with a smile on my face and a head full of ideas. You were the one to suggest I think about making terrarium necklaces out of small vials so I thank you a million times over. Also, having a meal with you is never bad because you always know the yummiest places to go. Please keep me up to date with your new creations. 

Mikki and Nancy, since you're off on your own adventures then there's not much to say except au revoir! We will reconvene shortly somewhere in Europe. 

And all my other lovely friends here, I wish you nothing but joy and please keep me updated with all of your own adventures!


  1. I'm getting all weepy now :'o( - Jill

  2. Awww! I feel like getting all weepy too. Toni, I want to wish you and Kevin farewell and safe journey. I hope that you guys have an awesome trip and achieve all the things you set out for plus more!!! There'll be plenty of Laos opportunities when you get back and I'm sure we'll find a similarly awesome hang out place in Melbourne! One thing that definitely won't change whilst you're gone is the awesome friendship we have. You're right, there's never an awkward silent moment between the 2 of us - that's because I've always felt I can be 100% myself around you. You get what I'm like - not an easy thing to do!!! Our friendship kicked off from day 1 as if we were long lost friends meant to be.
    I will definitely miss you my friend!
    So au revoir Toni!
    See you when you get back when you're all travelled and cultured and stuff ;)
    PS. There won't be any Connie jnr photos on my FB. And I'll only dress him/her up in a bear and sushi costume so we can both laugh at him/her... (see, humour only Toni would understand...)
    - Connie

  3. Thanks Jill and Connie. You guys light up my life and its richer for having you in it. Sorry to get all sappy but its true.

  4. awww... im gonna miss you guys. Im both happy and sad that you're going but excited for you two on your next journey in life together.
    Thank you for helping me with my transition to city life, you and kev were always there when i needed a helping hand and electricity. LOL

    I am grateful that we had a chance to chill before your world tour and my doors always open to you two. There will def. be more aerobie sessions to come, hopefully in your next hometown.

    Keep smiling toni, you have an inspiration spirit and a heart of gold. wishing you and kev a happy and safe trip!

    Peace out - Chris L

  5. We'll miss you heaps too Chris, keep in touch, I'd love to see your new apartment updates.