Sunday, 17 February 2013

How To Throw a Hipster Party

So apparently I'm a wannabe hipster. I wasn't unemployed enough to warrant being an actual hipster but I think all that terrarium making fueled suspicions around my workplace. So in honour of my leaving last week I was thrown a hipsterific going away party. If you are wondering what being a hipster actually entails then I point you towards this very apt youtube video HERE.

So out came the bows, beanies, lenseless glasses, tight coloured jeans and nonchalant facial expressions. Here are some of the awesome costumes that were rocked that night (I was just wearing my normal clothes though, it was fitting).

And where do hipsters like to hang out in Sydney besides their friend's underground art space/music (mostly synth) studio? El Loco in Surry Hills of course. We had to get there at the unfashionably early time of 4pm just so we can nabs a table as it gets crazy busy around 7pm.  Afterwards we walked down to Darlinghurst to a little bar called 'Shady Pines' that's so cool its in a back alley with no signage yet always has a line of people dressed in patterned woolen jumpers and 'vintage' handbags. Go down a dark staircase to an almost equally dimly lit room and order yourself an apple martini. Likely made by a slim, tall guy with well slicked hair. They use a fresh juicer for their cocktails. Yum. Plus free peanuts. Did I mention the lack of sitting space and abundance of loitering hipsters? Yep we were in the right spot.

Bondi Hipsters doing their thang.
And how do you end a hiptacular outing. By finding out on facebook that Dom amd Adrian  (who make THIS hilarious youtube videos about, yep you guessed it, Bondi hipsters) were doing a DJ gig at Fringe bar in Paddington. They rapped, they DJ'd, they had facial hair and it was totes underground. It ended on a high note with us chanting 'You know me, I'm on the 333. Bondi to Circular Quay' (even though I catch the 339 from Clovelly). I guess I'm not a real hipster after all. But to make up for it, at least I'm blogging about it.

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