Monday, 25 May 2015

Staying in the Present

At present - my favourite things. 
It's easy to find faults in your life and wish for more. Sometimes I'll look back and dream of going travelling again. Wistful of those carefree days hanging around hostels, where your only goal of the day was to enjoy yourself. Or sometimes my mind would stray further afield - of sunny Sydney. Of finishing work at 4pm and heading to Bronte beach to splash around on my bodyboard. Or calling some friends over for a casual brunch on our balcony. 

Nevermind that I was really restless in Sydney and wanted more then as well. Or that I eventually tired of the instability and copious amounts of vomiting travelling generally seemed to involve and was quite relieved to have some creature comforts back when we finally arrived in London. Those bad parts of your past tend to fade away over time. Leaving you with just the shiny, wonderful memories. 

And I'm sure one day I'll look back on our time here in London and dream of all the delicious cakes I've devoured. Or the luxury of the multiple mini holidays we had during the year. The abundance of theatre shows and new restaurants we've tried. Also there are the little everyday things I'll miss like iberico ham, cheap blueberries, English roasts, cider and clotted cream. 

I have to remember this time last year I was lamenting that we had to go back to Sydney so soon and was wishing with all my being that somehow, we could stay here just for one more Summer.  As two Winters and one Summer in London seemed like a bit of a poor deal. So here it is - that bonus Summer. Instead of glancing backwards all the time or craning my neck forward to see what's in the future, I need to focus on everything around me. Right now. And relax. Because it will pass faster than I'll realise. And I don't want the present just to be the point where the future turns into the past. I need it to be everything.