Saturday, 23 February 2013

One week til RTW trip

The countdown is truly on, the going away parties have been thrown and the the goodbyes continue to flow through.  As the title suggests we have exactly 7 days before we board a plane for Rio, Brazil and I know in my heart I should be excited and yet I'm too nervous at this point.  I must admit, I'm feeling a bit displaced. I am currently in limbo, neither here nor there. In the calm of last month I was daydreaming about leaving work, boarding that plane and not looking back. Now, all these things are ACTUALLY about  to happen, in quick succession and I appear unable to process it just yet.

Last week we had the onerous task of packing the remainder of our worldy goods in boxes, cleaning up the apartment ready for inspection and moving the whole lot across Sydney back to the hood ie. my parents place. Who knew that after 10 months of selling things (and making $8000 in the process) we would still be able to (over)fill a whole ute with stuff. I was appalled. Most of it my mum will inherit, she loves free stuff.

The de-cluttering.

I'm focusing on sorting this stuff out to try to calm down the unease in my belly. I'm worried about all the things I will forget to do before I board that plane. I've made a list of things to do and honestly, it's quite a small list of things that can be done quickly. My anxiety is based on nothing, yet it is present all the same. Maybe it's pre-nerve trips. Maybe Kevin should buy me a pair of socks for 'cold feet'.It's like taking a deep breath before you jump off the platform at the diving pool. I'll take seven deep breaths, one for every day and then...

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