Saturday, 11 May 2013

Traveling Povo

Traveling long term means you gotta stretch what cashola you have out for as long as possible. We're going for at least 6 months and 3 of them in North America which ain´t going to be as cheap as South America. But there are some things that are worth spending money like trying out different foods e.g. ceviche in Lima and doing cool things e.g. Galapagos island tour. 

The compromise comes when we're talking about accommodation and transport. Staying in hostels isn´t terrible, actually when you have a cool group of folks get together like we did in Buenos Aires it can be really fun hanging out. Like an episode of Friends. But then you can get some shockers as well that think it´s appropriate to put their shit all over the room, play loud clubbing music at all times of the night and then proceed to talk loudly as they stumble back into the room early in the morning. As what happenened last night to us. After we had a long 24 bus ride from Cusco to Lima. 

Which is why I´m awake at  7am in the morning writing a bitter blog post.

And all this because we decided to splash out on a four person dorm with a private room for $12 rather than an 8 person dorm with a shared bathroom for $8. We´re moving to the 8 person room soon. 

And with my car sickness I´m taking a phenergen every bus ride that is longer than 20 hours otherwise I´m sitting there for hours, eyes and fists clenched closed praying we get there before nausea turns into vomiting. We´ve spent more than 200 hours on buses alone on this trip which have varied widly from shitboxes on wheels in Bolivia and luxury cruise-mobiles in Argentina. I would have loved to fly more and one reason why I´m looking forward to North America is that we will be mostly be flying there as it is more affordable to take short plane trips there. 

Everyone has different levels of holidaying and I´m just glad that mine is low enough to travel more efficiently and though I have bundled up a few interesting hostel stories I will continue to stay in them because really, can you argue when a bed a night costs $10? Not likely. 

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