Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Relationship on the Road

I guess it's easy to think that living your dream means that everything should be somewhat better. You don't have to work or worry about everyday things, you're carefree and this really should be the perfect environment for a relationship to blossom right? 

Well, not quite. You carry around emotional baggage at home but you get to occasionally put it down. Time spent apart, with friends and doing your own independent activities gives you a chance to miss each other and the last few months before we left things were great. We were working towards an awesome goal, shedding unnecessary belongings and going out with friends a lot, appreciating our life in Sydney.

And then you leave and suddenly, you have to carry your relationship baggage around with you 24/7. There's no room to put it down, no one else to talk to.  The baggage feels heavier and heavier the longer you hold it, it's tiring and frustrating. There are good times, obviously. You share experiences that only the two of you know about and you support each other when things don't go right. And sometimes you're tired and cranky and it's easy to vent that out on eachother. Feelings get hurt and bottled up. You can't walk away to calm down because you're in an unfamiliar city and it's not safe.

Life on the road is hard and the relationship has to evolve to cope with this. I've always  thought that the best thing between us is our ability to sort through problems in a really open and caring way. We nutted down the problem to not being able to spend any quality time alone, but now that we're in USA this has been possible and we're sailing calmer waters.

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  1. does that mean that Kevin is really annoying? :)