Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Transition

I've been a lost soul since arriving in London. Unable to write the numerous NYC posts I had planned. Constantly tired and overwhelmed. Admittedly I've been feeling a bit depressed. New York was the final chapter to our grand adventure now I've got that sad, empty feeling you get when you've just finished the best book you've ever read.

What now?

There's an mounting pressure to return to reality. We've had to face a growing pile of paperwork in order to prepare to re-enter the workforce. And find a place to live. And do our taxes. Thinking about everything on this 'to do' list stressed me out so much in my first few days here I would wake up in a flurry throughout the night and my stomach was always in a tight knot.

Today, it feels as if I did nothing as I mostly lounged about the house, eating jack fruit and reading Eat, Pray, Love. But in fact, I spent a large part of the day re-writing my resume that I submitted to be part of the opening on London's first cat cafe. I'm unsure that anything will come out of it but the point is that it was something and I was really excited by the prospect. 

It likely would have been easier if we had gone straight from our Sydney life to this London life, but having absolute freedom for the past 6 months has made our current lifestyle here seem lack luster. I'll give myself a two week grace period from life in general to process this change and then I'll get around to rebuilding life here. We'll see what happens.


  1. hang in there Toni, you'll be alright.

    - Phil

  2. Thanks Phil. Wish you were here to give me one of your awesome hugs.