Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thanks London!

Thanks London for giving me work but not Kevin. It's the push he needed to get cooking and now he is a masterchef in the making.

Thanks London for the explosion of flowers come Spring time, it's a pleasant contrast to all that grey.

These were not here 2 weeks ago!

Thanks London for the one pound punnet of raspberries, I sure do eat a lot of berries these days.

Thanks London for the plentiful craft and food markets to explore.

Thanks London for the efficient public transport system, waiting more than 2 minutes for a train now seems ludicrous.

Our local underground only a hop,skip and jump away.
Thanks London for some new friends, I'm looking forward to meeting more nice folks to go out with.

Thanks London for the double glazed windows, it's 0 degrees out but I'm still in shorts and a t-shirt in my room.

Thanks London for allowing me to work 2 weeks a month. It's nice to have time off to explore more of you.

Thanks London for combining tea and cakes and calling it 'afternoon tea', it's a great excuse to eat more cake.

Sugar in all shapes and form.
Thanks London for being patient with me, it took a bit of time but I do like you now. 

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