Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Heart for You Sydney

I left Sydney in a huff. I was bored and restless and I needed to see more of the world. In our first 3 months of travelling I was telling everyone not to go there because it was boring. But I was wrong. Living this past year in London has brought to light all the things I overlooked before. 

The beach. Oh the glorious beach! Bondi beach at sunset, a warm glow in the air. You're in the water and you catch your first wave (body boarding that is). And then you just relax and sit back and soak it all in. Maybe grab some hurricanes ribs or a strudel on the way back home.

And then there's the food. I dreamt about the food last night actually. I was back in Sydney and was so happy because all my favourite foods were laid out in a buffet and I was stuffing my face. Then a tiger ate me. But the food! After scouring the chinatowns of New York, LA, London, France and even Vietnam, I firmly believe that Cabramatta has the best Asian food in the whole world. It's a bold statement but I stand by it. We had 'banh mi' 20 years ago before it became 'a thing'. And we call it pork rolls. Because banh mi just means bread dummies. Yum cha, lobster, ox tongue, paw paw salad, pho, sugarcane drink, jackfruit, roast duck, crispy chicken, pork rolls. Oh if only I could tattoo the tastes on my tongue so I can savour them whenever I go.

I sorely miss the sun. Sure we get some sun here and the Summer nights are long and ocassionally balmy. But there, the sun makes an apperance even in the Winter. No one cares about making the most of good weather. Because it's just always there. You can go about your business without having to constantly try to cool or warm yourself. You're just always in a good thermoneutral zone. It's not going to start hailing on you when you're in a summer skirt and tshirt.

Yes, I'm a fair weather friend. However I am enjoying London. I'm making the most of the experience. I may not want to leave for a few years. And yet my heart belongs to Sydney. I send her little mental love notes in glass bottles and hope they wash up on her shores. And one day, I'll inevitably float back too.  

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