Thursday, 9 October 2014

Best Food in Sydney

So not only has this interim trip to Sydney been about people and Visa's, but it has also allowed me to be reacquainted with all my old favourite food haunts. Yes, my taste buds have been dreaming of these moments for the past 18 months and I have relished every second of it. Not a meal has gone to waste. So here is a list of my favourite places to eat for all those who care to follow in my culinary footsteps (in order of cravibility).

1. Bau Truong 
Cuisine: Vietnamese
What I eat: Lemongrass pork chop with broken rice, hu Tieu noodle soup combination, pho Tai (rare beef), bun Dac Biet (Vermicelli special) with a custard apple shake or sam bo luong drink
Average cost/meal:$12
Location: 42 John Street, Cabramatta or 250 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights (DO NOT go to the Marrickville one)
When is best to go: Lunch or dinner


2. Pork Roll
Cuisine: Vietnamese
What I eat: Pork Roll or chicken roll with the lot, no chilli
Average cost/meal: $3.50-4.50
Location: You can get it all ov
er Cabramatta and everyone has their favourite
When is best go: Breakfast or lunch, there is a 24 hour place on John Street though 

3. Mamak
Cuisine: Malaysian
What I eat: Satay chicken, roti canai, nasi goreng, fried chicken and a teh tehrik (stretched tea)
Average cost/meal: $12
Location: 15 Goulburn St Sydney
When is best to go: After the dinner rush NOT on a Friday/Saturday, don't go too hungry, there is usually a line

4. Vinh Phat 
Cuisine: Yum Cha (Chinese)
What I eat: Chicken feet, honey seafood spring rolls, prawn rice rolls, prawn steamed dumplings, sweet tofu
Average cost/meal: $6
Location: Shop 8/7, 40 Park Road, Cabramatta
When is best to go: Brunch - lunch time
5. Khuone Kham (formerly Selina's) 
Cuisine: Laos
What I eat: Ox tongue, paw paw salad laos style, sticky rice, ocasional larb
Average cost/meal: $8
Location: 8 Dale St, Fairfield
When is best to go: Lunch or dinner

6. Bach Dang
Cuisine: Forrmal Vietnamese
What I eat: Crab or lobster if it's last then $120/kg salt and galic, Vietnamese style
Average cost/meal: $50
Location: 46 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Vale
When is best to go: Dinner only

7. Sugarcane drink

Cuisine: Asian

What I eat: Large sugarcane drink
Average cost/meal: $3
Location: There are two as you walk along park road, my preference is the one of the left if you are facing them directly
When is best to go: Lunch


8. Din Tai Fung

Cuisine: Chinese
What I eat: Spicy prawn dumplings with noodles
Average cost/meal: $16
Location:Shop 11.04,Level 1, World Square/644 George St, Sydney
When is best to go: Lunch or dinner


9. El Jannah

Cuisine: Lebanese
What I eat: 1/4 charcoal chicken with garlic sauce, tabouleh and chips
Average cost/meal: $10
Location: 4-6 South St, Granville
When is best to go: Dinner or late night snack

10. Doy Tao

Cuisine: Thai
What I eat: Pad thai chicken
Average cost/meal: $12
Location: There's a few of them but I went to 543/545 King St, Newtown
When is best to go: Lunch or dinner


11. Tan Viet

Cuisine: Vietnamese
What I eat: Crispy chicken with fat egg noodles, dry
Average cost/meal: $12
Location: 2/110 John St, Cabramatta
When is best to go: Lunch


12. 99 Butchery

Cuisine: Vietnamese butcher
What I eat: Spicy chicken spare ribs, nem nuong (pork mince kebabs), lemongrass and seasame beef. These are sold frozen in large takeaway containers to BBQ later on.
Average cost/meal: $9
Location: 99 Rawson St, Auburn
When is best to go: business hours


13. Gelato Messina

Cuisine: Gelato
What I eat: Salted caramel with white chocolate, blood orange, special flavours will rotate (live Anna pavlova)
Average cost/meal: $6 for two scoops
Location: A few locations now but I always prefer shop 1/241 Victoria St, Darlinghurst
When is best to go: Lunch time or post dinner treat

14. Ms G's

Cuisine: Fusion Asian
What I eat: Sweet and sour lamb ribs, yuzu slushy 
Average cost/meal: $20
Location: 155 Victoria St, Potts Point
When is best to go: dinner


15. Bourke Street Bakery
Cuisine: Australian bakery
What I eat: Pork and fennel sausage rolls, they no longer do lemon meringue tarts (devo'd)
Average cost/meal: $5
Location: A few locations but I always go to 633 Bourke St, Surry Hills
When is best to go: Breakfast or lunch

16. Roast duck 
Cuisine: Chinese Roast
What I eat: 1/2 roast duck and a bread roll from the hot bread bakery
Average cost/meal: $12
Location: Cabramatta, usually I like to go the one next to the large multi-storey parking on Park road but all of them are pretty good
When is best to go: Lunch

17. Fruit shake

Cuisine: Asian snack
What I eat: 5 fruit combo - jackfruit, watermelon, sapota, strawberry, pineapple
Average cost/meal: $4
Location: You can walk around Cabramatta and find these anywhere but I usually go to Kaysone sweets at 59 Park Rd Cabramatta

When is best to go: Lunch

18. Hurricane's

Cuisine: Steak and ribs
What I eat: 1/2 rack of pork ribs
Average cost/meal: $30
Location: There's a few locations - Bondi Beach, Darling Harbour or Top Ryde

When is best to go: Lunch or dinner

19. Pasticceria Papa
Cuisine: Italian pastries
What I eat: ricotta cheesecake 
Average cost/meal: $4/slice
Location: 145 Ramsay St, Haberfield
When is best to go: Brunch/lunch

20. Black Star Pastry

Cuisine: Cakes
What I eat: Strawberry/watermelon cake
Average cost/meal: $7.50/slice
Location: Two locations but I like 277 Australia St, Newtown
When is best to go: Brunch/lunch

21. Gelato Bar
Cuisine: Hungarian cakes
What I eat: Cherry and cheese strudel
Average cost/meal: $6
Location: Bondi Junction Westfield, Level 6, the Bondi Beach one got sold so not going there anymore
When is best go: Brunch/lunch

22. Pastizzi Cafe
Cuisine: Maltese pastizzi's and pasta
What I eat: Ricotta and spinach pastizzi
Average cost/meal: $2.50
Location: 1/523 King St, Newtown 
When is best: Breakfast/lunch or dinner

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