Saturday, 31 January 2015

Savouring Spain

Spain has been a culinary delight. Years from now I will look back on my 8 days here and my tastebuds will yearn for the plethora of flavours, the fresh seafood and the best iberico bellota ham in the world. Forget paella and Churros, my favourite discoveries were razor clams and combining salmon, yoghurt and honey. 

Another pleasant surprise was a triple meeting with our Aussie friend Duong, who landed here three weeks ago to embark on a courageous life change. She quit her stable job as a radiologist to make her way in the world teaching English as a second language. As she spoke of her non-concrete plans in the future to live in Nepal or Argentina, I could clearly see the excitement in her eyes and only feel a sense of kindred spirit. 

It's a beautiful thing when life is so fully appreciated. This undefined pathway, so open to limitless opportunity. So here's to chance meetings across the globe. Over delicious meals and glasses of sangria. I'll cheers to that.

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