Monday, 29 October 2012

The Big Purge

Having stuff is a burden. After making the decision to leave I've made a very active effort into getting rid of as much stuff as possible. We had a garage sale earlier in the year and I've been continuously putting clothes up every month on ebay in order to make some cold hard cash for the big trip. 

I wish I could build a time machine and go back to my 20 year old self and tell her to not waste so much time, energy and money accumulating useless things that I would spend more time and energy later on trying to get rid of. But let's get real here, if I could go back in time I would give my past self the winning lotto numbers so I can buy as much rubbish as I wanted! Duh!

Back to my ever crushing reality of having to rid myself of 4 years of stuff. I'm glad I gave myself a year to do this because it is a loooong process. And that's understandable. Considering it took me so long to build it up, I'm not really going to be able to rid of it that easily. But it's a worthwhile effort because so far I've been able to make $4000. And it's actually really rewarding being able to make some money from something you haven't touched in years.

So hark my words dear friends, that less is undoubtedly more. Don't get sucked into the consumptive world that we live and keep your money so you can save up for that round the world trip that you've been dreaming of. If a ex-hoarder, extreme shopper, frivolous spender like me is able to - then I'd say pretty much anyone can. 

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