Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Grand Plan

I've always wanted to go travelling, it's been an itch that just needs scratching. I want to see how other people live and experience a world other than what I've known. I want to challenge myself and have my reality stretched beyond what I thought I was capable of. So Kevin and I are going for 3 months around  South America (Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Patagonia)  and then 3 months around North America (up the west coast, through Canada, then down the east coast) and then we're popping over to the UK where we may get jobs if it takes our fancy. After a year or two of working + weekend trips away we'll head back home via the trans Siberian express through Russia, Mongolia and China and then all the way back home. Once we come home, we'll be moving to Melbourne.

I know that I have a pretty comfortable life here and Sydney with great friends, a great apartment near the beach and a stable job. I'm very grateful for it and this upcoming trip has made me value it all the more. It seems crazy to leave it right? To throw away our life savings on flitting moment of fancy. After six months of telling people about our plans I've had a wide range of reactions. Most people are happy and excited for us and kindly enough are sad we won't be around any more (its always nice to know you will be missed). I've also been told 'that's silly!' to go travelling for so long and why couldn't I be happy with a few weeks away every year. My mum also thinks I should stay and settle down, buy a house and not put myself in 'dangerous' situations. 

This trip will be a slow and fruitful exploration. It is not to see as many sights as possible so we can tick it off a list. It's so we can meet new people and learn to understand them better. For me personally, its about a culinary adventure and trying new foods (don't worry, I'm brining diarrhoea tablets along). It's about throwing off the shackles of having a job, having stuff, having a plan. It's about experiencing true freedom. 

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