Monday, 31 December 2012

Bring forth the new year

I want to see a heart that's pounding
I want to hear a beat that's sounding
bigger than a leap that's bounding
I was lost but now you found me.
- Sally Seltmann

This is how I feel about the new year. I'm so excited for it. There's nothing like the first day of the year to cleanse away all the old from 2012 with a renewal of energy and hope. This year I will throw myself into my travels, my blog and open myself to life and all its wonderful opportunities. Fear will play no part, doubt will not creep in, there will be only freedom and love.

A lot of people tell me I'm brave for beginning this journey. They say they could never sell all their things, pack up and leave and to them I say do what makes you happy. It feels like such a natural progression to do this that I certainly don't feel that I'm doing anything extraordinary or particularly brave, I'm doing what feels right for me. 

Now that 2013 has offiically been welcomed in, our (Kevin and I) departure date is just around the corner. And with it comes pangs of sadness for all our friends we will not see for a few years. You are all so wonderful and bring so much joy into our lives. And though our paths fork and will be taking us in different directions, we will surely be bound for each other another time. 

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