Saturday, 22 December 2012

Quitting Your Day Job

I'VE QUIT MY JOB! HURRAH! No offensive to my job or the people in it, they're both awesome. But after three years at the same place I was beginning to feel that weight being stagnant. You know, when you stand too long in one spot and then you get this uncontrollable urge shake things up a bit. I've been working all my life. Since my job at KFC in year nine, my kennel job throughout uni, my new grad job and now my proper job, it's all been a constant flow of work. Like most other Asian people (the non rich ones by the way) I never went to schoolies or did a gap year. My mum would of had kittens! It's bad enough that I disobeyed them and chose Vet as a career (my mum wanted me to a be pharmacist). 

So here I am, a full quarter century into my life and I've had enough of the humdrum of normal life. I'm throwing all my worldly goods out of the window, quitting my job and going on indefinite migration. I want each day to be a different from the last. It's all built up to that one big relieving moment when I gave notice, I'm leaving folks, in 8 weeks, sorry, bye! And then all my little worries and insecurities at work just melted away. Like Justin Beiber, I'm releasing a 2.0 version of myself and she is going to be awesome!

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