Wednesday, 26 December 2012

RTW To Do List

Eight weeks to go and now that things are speeding along quite quickly I've got a very thorough to do list so that nothing is missed. I love lists and I find they really allow me to streamline what I'm doing and prioritise things properly. Sounds fun doesn't it? OK here it is:
Things To Do:
-Organise Brazil + US + UK visas
-Organise trip itinerary

-Scan + make copies of important documents
-Organise resume
-Learn Spanish
-Buy NYC - LON flights
-Organise money. I've read very good things on the 28 degrees mastercard which you can use as a debit card if you put your own money into it with no foreign exchange fees, no ATM fees, good rates
-Get yellow fever and rabies vaccinations and organise first aid kit (anti-diarrhoeal medications, band aids, disinfectant)
- Organise travel insurance
-Buy travel gear, already bought my backpack. Tried some on for size and the Osprey Farpoint 55L S/M fit me perfectly (I'm only 160cm) and was really comfy. I bought it off Amazon for $165 including postage. Also bought some exofficio travel underwear. More about that later.
-Organise going away party
-Organise spare passport photos
-Organise taxes
Things to cancel
-Give notice on rental property (in writing) - 3 weeks
-Cancel electricity/gas
-Forward post
-Inform voting/tax office
-Cancel mobile service
-Give work notice
I've bolded the things we've done so as you can see,there is still a lot to do but that's OK, besides the Visa's most of them can be done quickly and I'm sure we'll be good as gold by the end of the 8 weeks. Kevin and I will be moving back to my parent's place the day after I finish at work so we can finalise all our stuff and put a small amount of things in storage with them. Even though it's only for 2 weeks the thought is still making me slightly queasy.

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