Friday, 19 April 2013

An Ode to Pho

An Ode to Pho

Noodles so white
Smooth and soft
Swimming happily
In a delicious broth

 Tender, raw beef
Sliced so thin
Cooked so slightly
Add some hoisin

It is you I miss most
 I'm filled with woe
That my stomach is empty
Of Vietnamese Pho.

I thought of this as I was halluciating of food on the 24 hour bus ride to San Pedro. We had neglected to eat lunch before we boarded and it was a looooong time til we got dinner which was pretty measly. I was so envious of all those people in Cabramatta stuffing their faces full of delicious Vietnamese food - Hu tieu, pork chops, banh xeo, crispy chicken with egg noodles and of course, Pho. Remember how lucky you are!

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