Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Comfortable Life in Chile

I first met Maria (Maite) and Francisco when they were living in Sydney for the year and Maria was working at Alexandria Vets. She too is a Vet but was working as a nurse at the time. When they left Sydney I was so upset because I thought I wouuld never ever see them again. I know, this isn't Vietnam 1970. They have planes that can take me to Chile to visit them nowadays. And yesterday this happy reunión occured and I couldn't stop smiling, even though I had just been on the same bus, in the same clothes for 22 hours, I was just so happy.
They are just the most amazing and kind people and have opened their home to us. We have a comfortable bed. With a massive TV in our room. AND our own private bathroom. The last hostel we were at we had one bathroom, for the WHOLE hostel. The contrast from povo to luxury is just too great.  I asked Maria the day before which train or bus would be best to get to their place and she was like "Are you nuts! We are going to pick you up from the station". No buses, no lugging our bags around and getting lost. I think I'm in a dream that I will wake up from and I will be back in my hostel being eaten alive by bed bugs.
And on top of that we had the most awesome BBQ on their balcony that overlooks the city with the mountains in the backdrop. Francisco is a fantastic cook and even after all the amazing meat we had in Argentina this was even better tan that. And to finish this very boastful blogpost Maria's Vet friend Anna came over for dinner and brought over her dog. We had a dog! Her name is Carlotta and she is a very happy and super cute dachshund. She was very well loved by both of us but she of course loved Kevin the most and chose his lap to nap in. Oh and today we had a beautiful picnic with again, amazing food by Francisco and we got to see Flamingos and black necked swans in the park. I cannot use enough positive superlatives in this post but I think you get the picture by now. More about Chile next time.


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