Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Birthday Week That Was

I'm reverse aging. I do not remember having this much fun on my 18th or 21st birthday. Maybe I just can't remember it because I'm now the ripe age of 29 and my memory aint so good as it used to be. But I digress. This week has surely been the most epic of all birthday weeks. And I didn't even see it coming.

This time last year I remember sitting in the 'Boiling River' in Yellowstone National Park feeling as content as one could be. And this year it has been one exciting blur. It's nice to blaze out the last of my 20s. Yes, there has been an incredible amount of alcohol drunken (with Judy and Simon at Club Gascon), and some very dubious and frenetic dancing (Dom and Kinga's wedding), some long distance family time (thanks for my favourite cheesecake I can see but not eat) and some pretty spectacular food (oysters, froi gras, squab pigeon, Mangalista pork, flatiron steak, princess cake) and lots of pampering (breakfast in bed, foot massage, having hair, make up, nail and lashes done by Kevin and Blow bar) and just some good ol' fashioned hanging out with new housemates and old. 

London has been bloody amazing to both Kevin and I and I couldn't be happier to announce that I've accepted a permanent role here with sponsorship so we are staying for another 2 years. Happy Birthday to us!

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