Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Future

Life has so many possibilities that one can wile away hours following a mental path down one way and then turning around and thinking through another. It always brings back the image of Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Not Taken'. Now, I'm all one for grand sweeping gestures in life. Romantic ideals and following one's internal compass. But right now, my internal compass is spinning in all sorts of directions and I need some clarity. 

And here it is, the conundrum. Kevin and I have properly settled in London. We've got a good rhythm and are definitely enjoying this British summer. So much so that we had discussed our mutual regret not having a second British summer to look forward to as our Visa expires in Spring next year.

Now, just two weeks after this conversation, a new opportunity has cropped up. A locum job I had may eventuate into a permanent role. With sponsorship. It would mean I'd have to say goodbye to 7 holidays a year though. And random weeks off in between. Also goodbye to exploring different parts of London, wandering around, seeking different lunch spots. 

Trading uncertainty and variation for stability and longevity. There are sacrifices but it means we can stay for longer and enjoy the life we've been building up here. There's still a charm to it that hasn't worn off yet. Life is still shiny here.

I may not take it. I might just let the Visa run its course and go travelling as planned afterwards, eventually arriving back in sunny Sydney. Of which I've also been longing for. Can I stand more years away from my family and friends? However the apple may be tempting enough for me to take it. Right now I'm still staring down that fork, and all I know is that I'll keep moving forward, but only time will tell in which direction.

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