Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Balance

Everyone has a choice in which pathways we take in life, love, career and our health. And things generally work out for only two of these things, maybe three but it's a stretch. For example, for me right now my career is going through the roof and I've got an amazing, supportive partner who I can do about 6 weeks of travelling with each year. However because my job has been so demanding my health is rubbish because I haven't had any time to go to yoga/jog/bike ride/swim like I normally would and I barely have time to socialise (plus my family/friends are all back in Sydney). 

Then there's Kevin who's health and personal life is rocketing because he's just done another marathon and has lots of running friends/clubs that he's apart of here. And he has a loving partner who 100% supports him in his tumultuous search for work.

We're both not completely happy and we slightly envy each other's lives. I'd like more time to work on some craft projects and meet like-minded people and he would like a job that will be fulfilling. And that's just life. And we're lucky together we have somewhat of a balance  between us because if I was on my own I'd probably get really lonely and be eating takeouts all the time and Kevin probably would have had to move back home 18 months ago with an empty bank account. 

But we need more. We both need to be working (but not too much). Have fun and work on our other interests. Somewhere in this mix I'd like to live in New York because that's our dream. And live in Bondi because that's also another dream. So at this point I'm at another massive junction in my life where radical decisions and massive upheavals are going to take place. 50% is our choice and 50%  is in the hands of that mystical thing we call fate/destiny/chance/opportunity.  And I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. 

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