Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Watching My Sister Ships

I read a poem once about watching your other lives, your sister ships, from ashore, wanting to be them and follow their paths yet helpless as you watch them row off into the distance. They are those other life decisions you didn't make. Those choices you said no to instead of yes and vice versa. They are your friends of similar age who had families, businesses, houses, holidays and fellowships. They are you and yet...they aren't you. They represent to me what is now colloquially known as your 'FOMO' (fear of missing out). 

These sister ships always have a certain allure, like a mermaid song to a lost seaman. They call to you with the promise of better things and make you second guess your own choices in life. However, I never for a millisecond regretted the decision to sell up and travel. My own ship has taken me to exotic countries where everyday my eyes, ears, tastebuds have wondered at the variety of life. It has taken me to treasure chests of different experiences and people beyond my own sphere and comfort zone.

All this in the search of the ultimate truth in life. Doing what you feel the authentic you would do and following that internal compass that hasn't failed you yet. Because you're the captain of your own ship and the shores you seek are those of happiness. And this place is different and ever changing. 

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