Saturday, 30 March 2013

Are you happy?

Happiness for me is such a variable. When I was younger happiness involved having money and acquring things. As I became wiser these things no longer give me any joy. Instead of looking outwards for happiness I started to look inwards and found that I was happiest when I was growing. I moved out of home, started a more rewarding job, developed new skills- all these things gave me joy and kept me going.

But repitition and boredom starts to numb you to these pleasures and so you push your boundaries a bit further. This gave birth for our plans to quit our jobs and travel. Of course, if I was unhappy then simply relocating myself to South America wasn't the answer. 

But the key I realised to being happy is freedom.  I was sick of not being able to read a really interesting book all night long because I had to go to work or have a nap in the middle of the afternoon because I was actually at work (though sometimes I still took that nap). The bonds of my responsibilities were too tight and I felt suffocated. So I put my foot down and boarded a plane to freedom, however temporary.

However, I did bring my siginicant other with me and since Kevin has been the one responsible for planning to the trip and keeping the wheels in motion I was beginning to worry about how the stresses were impacting him. I asked him last week the very same question - are you happy? And he replied "This is your dream, if you're happy then I'm happy". 

I am happy.

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