Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Realities of Backpacking

So traveling is fantastic, you get to be in a new city and try new things and life is exciting. But making it last for as long as possible means you have to be prepared to make some sacrifices. 

- Living cheaply in hostels in a third world country means sometimes the electricity or water cuts. Don`t do a number 2 after the water cuts out thinking the water in the toilet tank will be enough. It never is.

- Sharing rooms with 8 other people is great fun as you get to meet heaps of different people from around the world. That is until they stumble in drunk at 3am in the morning and make a shitload of noise. 

- In Brazil, if it`s not raining then it`s really hot and carrying around a large backpack around in it is not fun. Keep well hydrated and don`t try to see too much of a new city until you`re rested from the bus/plane trip. And wear deodorant - duh!

-Breakfast is usually included in hostel stays. They are decent so fill up as much as possible because sometimes cheap and good food places aren't that easy to find. We are just now also starting to cook in the hostel kitchens. This was after we spent $50 on a single dinner (yes, this is obscenely expensive for us).

- Traveling with someone you love is great because he helps holds heavy things for you but sometimes you're tired and cranky and he wants to walk around the town square in 35 degree heat instead of just lying at the beach. Compromise - we did a bit of both.

- Basic things can be made difficult like washing your clothes We were in dire straits 2 days ago and had to dip into our dirty laundry bag as well as wash some things in the shower. It was surprisingly difficult for us to find a laundromat. Small things like wearing freshly washed clothes become precious to you. 

Waiting at the laundromat.


  1. Stinky cranky Toni = super sexy! Jill xxx

  2. hahah love the tips. They are so true especially the second last one about having someone carry your bag bec of the heat. I hate walking around in the heat as well but Simon can go on forever! especially when it was 40 - 45 degrees in Dubai. (It was also Ramadan so there was no food!) Grrr..... It doesn't matter if you stink bec a) you won't smell yourself and b) you won't see the same people again.. jokin!