Friday, 8 March 2013

The Dogs of Brazil

Brazil is a very dog friendly country and we have seen many lovely specimens in Ipanema. Lots of golden retrievers, staffies, boston terriers and little fluffies. We were staying in a nice area so all the dogs are very well looked after (though noticeably undedsexed, makes my hands tingle for a scalpel blade). Plus they all walked with leashes - tick of approval from me. Yesterday we travelled 4 hours south of Rio to the town of Paraty. A touristy, sleepy beach town that is world heritage listed and the centre of the town is filled with cobble stone streets and colourful buildings. Cars aren't permitted to preserve its heritage but we did see a horse and cart. 

The other thing about Paraty is that there are a lot of dogs just hanging about. They lie on the street. They follow you occasionally and are always keen for a pat. A pack of 10 or so also hang out at the beach, ready to sit next to you at breakfast but they aren't pushy. They just lie next to you and fall asleep. To cool down they also like to dig holes in the sand to lie in. That's pretty impressive. But sometimes they just jump into the water to cool down. Which is pretty much all I did all day as well today, lie under umbrella, occasionally go in the water (which is almost as warm as bath water) and order a coconut from my lovely waiter. 

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