Saturday, 6 July 2013

10 Reasons Why My Dad is Awesome

1. He once got out of a parking ticket by pretending to be Charles Bronson.

2. He has a fancy hi tech remote controlled helicoptor that can video record on his ipad. He flies said helicotpor in the house and everyone makes a run for it.

3. He changed his birth date to the 7/7 cuz it's easier to remember.

4. He has a full head of hair at 61.

5. At Port Arthur prison he hid in the punishment cell in the dark and jumped out at my mum and scared the bejeezus out of her.

6. He once gave a guy $20 at a petrol station because he was in need.

7. When most people are retiring he set up his own business and is really successful.

8. He played so much ping pong he got tennis elbow. He continued to play but with my old wrist guard wrapped around his elbow.

9. He was was once a French teacher,a fridge mechanic and now fixes cars.

10. He gave me 50% of my DNA which I am grateful for. Thanks Dad and Happy Birthday!


  1. LOVE THIS! Jilly xx

  2. Thanks Jill! Hopefully my dad did too because this was his birthday present.