Sunday, 14 July 2013

My LA Family Part 2

After 3 weeks of wandering about we arrived back in LA to catch an early flight to Portland. And like last time my Aunt opened up her home to us for the night. It also gave us a chance to meet the rest of my LA family which included my Aunt's other children Don and Melanie and their respective spouses Katie and Jake. We had a really fun family gathering that night where we were taken to this awesome Asian buffet that best of all, had sushi. And not just rubbish rolls like in Vegas which consisted of mostly tuna and cucumber. Bleh! No, this place had the good stuff, nigiri rolls and endless amounts of it. There was heaps of yummo asian food there and this place was far superior to the ones in Vegas but the highlight was just to get to know my cousins better.

Most if not all of them are accountants for Disney which is kind of funny. Melanie moved from Disney to CBS where she gets to go to these mad industry sales where you can buy stuff they use on the sets of tv shows like CSI. You can buy furniture, clothes and pretty much everything they have on set and it's super cheap. She bought a cabinet for $25 and the guy working there told her she can have for free whatever she can fit inside it. Which ended up being a lot of clothes including suits worth a few hundred bucks with the tags still on them. I love a good bargain story and this one takes the cake. 

Another moment of the night was when Melanie was feeding Don's 6 month old, Wyler, some banana pudding. It was like pacman in his invincible stage where he runs around gobbling everything up frantically. "MORE PUDDING!!" his eyes and mouth demanded even though he can't really verbally express what he wants just yet. It's hard to describe the hilarity of his facial expressions and I wish I took a photo but I think I was having a parallel experience with my endless about of sushi and hence was a bit distracted at that point. 

Needless to say I wish we could have stayed longer with them as it really felt like being at home and that's a nice feeling after for months of being a foreigner.

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