Friday, 12 July 2013

You Had Me at Hello, Portland

I've known for awhile now that I don't belong in Sydney. And a big part of my reason for traveling is to find a place that does feel right. If I could imagine a place with all of my favourite things, it would have the following:
- fantastic gelato shop with crazy flavours
- delicious dessert bakery
- lots of greenery and the smell of jasmine flowers everywhere
- well looked after dogs and cats everywhere
- high number of craft shops and markets 
- bike riding culture
- lots of friendly, chilled out people 
- nice weather
- Asian food

Portland ticks all these boxes and so many more, that within hours of being here I knew I never wanted to leave. I'd never have thought I'd want to be an American what with their stuffed up health care and ridiculously expensive college system but I find myself increasingly jealous of these Portlandians with their relaxed lifestyles and creative outlets. 

This really feels like a utopian society where people enjoy nice things like hand crafted clothes and macaroons for breakfast yet haven't become all pretensious and douchy about it. In fact, we're constantly being hello'd at or told to have a nice day by complete strangers. One lady even complimented my dress (and she wasn't in a store trying to sell me something). But you know what this town is missing. Terrariums. And I know just the person. But somehow I don't think the US immigration office will take that as an acceptable reason for permanent residency. So until I can find a way to weasel my way back here I will just have to watch lots of episodes of Portlandia (which I'm told is quite accurate) and put birds on everything.

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